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English: Portfolio Building
Due Date: 5/14/2018
Subject: English


1.     Why should we hire you?


          Boy, that's a toughie, isn't it?  It would be really easy to stammer through a stupid answer in an interview.  What they are really asking you is "Why is it in our best interest to have you working for us?"  So tell them. An interview is no place to be shy.  Tell them How you will be an asset to the salon.


Example:  Because I have a strong …….., I'm great at ………., I understand the importance of ……… and I am willing to do everything I can to help the shop and myself grow. 


And if you are really bold, say, "Because I will exceed your expectations!"


(But make sure you can deliver.)




2.  What did you like best about your last job?


          She wants to know where your attention goes on the job.  If you blurt out, "I loved the people I worked with," it would lead her to the idea that you are easy to get along with and a team player. 


There is not necessarily a wrong answer here, but there could be a more helpful answer to lead the interviewer in the direction you want them to go. Zero in on the quality you would like to support.  In the sample above, being a team player was reinforced. And that's a good one for a salon.  If you want to show customer service is important to you maybe say something like, "I enjoyed making people smile when I gave them their morning coffee drink. I feel like I made their day!"


Choose something that translates into your career.  Making people smile by providing good customer service is great.


3.  What did you like least about your last job?


          Oh, this is a tricky one.  It's a setup. It is very easy to fall into this snare.  People just wait for an opening to vent.  But you now know ahead of time NOT TO DO THIS.


Instead of coming back with, "OH, I really hated my boss. He was such a pig!" you want to go to a task that is harmless to what you are trying to achieve.  If you worked at Starbucks you had to clean, you had very busy times, it could be stressful, people complained, you may have had a bad co-worker, etc.  But if you point any of this out in your interview it will look like a negative for YOU.


So how can you overcome this?  First state the positive you took away from the job followed by something like lack of opportunity, nowhere to advance my career, my heart wasn't in it because I couldn't wait to start my beauty career, or I saw myself as a ……. rather than a barista.


They can't fault you for lack of growth opportunities.


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Portfolios are due no later than May 18. The Rubric for how they will be graded is found under worksheets on my web page