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Exciting Announcements

Let's Work on our Resumes!  

Check my Class Materials section for the latest guidelines on precisely how to draft resumes and cover letters, how to develop a powerful list of references, and also how to prepare for interviews.

Then go to the Links section and watch the SHORT video on developing your first resume.

We will work on developing lists of personal skills in class, along with noting your educational experience, employment/work history (which will surprise you), and awards and activities section. Finally, we will use the computers to format your actual resume, which you will submit to my Schoology site.

You need a good resume for the Skills Competition, but also for getting a good job after you graduate. It's true you don't need a resume to flip burgers, but minimum wage jobs only pay about $11,000 a year after taxes... and it costs about $14,000 a year to raise a child. You are learning skills at TCCTC that can support you and your future family well; a good resume can showcase those skills and make you far more competitive in the job market. Let's get started!

Remember these rules throughout the year!  

Click the link to watch this short FYI film...