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Exciting Announcements

Easy Essays... Wahoo!!!  

We are going to deviate slightly from my original Thursday lesson plan, as many of my morning students need to brush up on essay writing for an assignment in their shop. Don't worry; we won't be writing one in here this week... just reviewing and fine-tuning our understanding of the process. Then it's back to poetry!

Poetry Party!!!!  

Well, maybe it isn't a party, but we are continuing to have fun with poetry nonetheless. This week, after watching criminal justice conduct their court cases on Monday, we will study and write haiku, sonnets, and narrative poetry.

Good luck on your credentialling and SOL tests!

Travels with Charley  

Make sure that you have logged in to Schoology and taken your test on "Travels With Charley" by John Steinbeck. If you missed class or just need to review, read the PowerPoint posted under the "Class Materials" link on this site; it even includes the passages from the book. Consider the included questions as you review. Please complete this by Friday, May 17... otherwise, you will receive TWO zeros!

Announcement Image for Travels with Charley

Remember these rules throughout the year!  

Click the link to watch this short FYI film...